Friday, 29 January 2010


I'm off to visit my ma and pa this weekend and have made them the usual requested loaf- it's not easy owning a breadmaker! Sunflower and linseed this time, and it came out a treat. You'd think that if you follow the instructions, you couldn't go wrong with a breadmaker, but I don't so I'll never know. But that's why it's still pot luck when I open the lid.

Next on the list of edible delights I made the olds was a Caramel Apple loaf cake- one of the ingredients was Greek yoghurt which made it smell beautiful when it was baking. Due to my hectic lifestyle it has yet to be finished with the caramel and walnut topping but it looks good enough already!

The boy is getting good at making hummous now so was commissioned to complete this task and did so wonderfully, I obviously tasted it this morning for quality control purposes. 

Update: finished cake...

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