Friday, 19 February 2010

Political comment

The main message here is that really, on this blog, there won't be any. I have my views on politics and the economy, but I am not an expert in these subjects at the moment and therefore do not profess to know what I am talking about.

This post has been sparked by something you may have heard about - Robin Hood Tax. It is a simple idea and proposes to tax bankers a tiny percentage to raise money for use in charitable exploits in the rest of the world. Sounds good- of course it does- but I am clever enough to know that the complexities of the economic world will mean that it is just not that simple. This campaign will gather a lot of support from people who don't scratch the surface and think about how it will work and this is why it has 10 times as many supporters than opposers.

People need to ask more questions.

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