Monday, 10 May 2010


Roller derby is taking over my life- I've never found a sport I genuinely enjoyed this much before. My confidence on 8 wheels is growing session by session and there are three a week. I'm getting loads of exercise out of it too, which is a welcome byproduct. I find myself wishing away the days between training and daydreaming about the super shiny, super fast floor of our Sunday training hall. I got taken out by a girl on Friday and landed on her wheel. I can't help but feel a certain sense of pride every time I look at the huge bruise on my backside, and almost look forward to checking its colourful progress every morning.

I spotted an ad for a second hand pair of  Riedell entry level skates on facebook yesterday and have enquired about them as I can't afford a new pair at the moment. I'm checking for a reply nearly every five minutes. This is sickening!

But I love it...

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