Monday, 6 September 2010

Long time no blog

It's been a long time since I last posted and a lot has changed. I have moved into a new flat with my friend Hayley and her boyfriend, I have a new pair of skates, a new laptop and a new job!

Times haven't been the easiest lately but it's been "character building", as they say. This basically means"shit", but the kind that makes you stronger for doing it rather than just a waste of your life, like watching Friends for 2 hours.I won't go into detail, but focus on the good things to come out of it- my new flat is rockin' and I'm much happier there than in my previous house (shabby chic without the chic). Maybe I'll post some pics of my favourite bits sometime. I start my new job on 20th September, and although it's not doing something I'm massively passionate about it is in a university so the perks are great, it's close to where I live and a bit better paid, so I can't wait to start!

Derby is going so well, I'm now on the committee and it occupies a vast proportion of my thought space, and as such I'm going to start a new blog about it, thusly: Derby Diary. It's not up to much yet but I think this will end up being where most of my blogging gets done. I'll carry on updating this one with photos and recipes and other hobbies and musings, if I have time for any!

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